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During the past five years, our company has been specializing in the development of PHP script. Our target market consists of companies who have an existing website and wish to add dynamic functions to their site. These functions could be anything from contract forms needed to generate PDF forms, specific search engines tailored to the company's needs, databases and administrator/user interfaces, client management systems, SMS contact systems to generating code bars.

We also offer PHP script integration services. If you need to add a script for online sales, a forum, a blog to name a few, we can install and integrate it into the design of your existing web site. We can also personalize the script to suit your needs.

Our services are professional. After sales support is included for you on all our projects.

Here are some of our achievements

The Capital Data Recovery Inc's evaluation inquiry form

This form allows the user to enter his contact information as well as the media information that he needs to recover. Once this information has been entered, a unique Capital Data Recovery client identification number is generated. This information is automatically sent by email to the appropriate laboratory. A paper copy of the form as well as a return authorization tag indicating the client's identification number and return address is also generated. The client can choose between the html version or the PDF version of this form.

Before we created this module, clients had to print the form, fill it out by hand and send it with his media. Now, the client can simply fill it in online. This lessens both the client and the receiver's workload. Furthermore, the management of future cases and of shipping statistics from the various laboratories is also simplified.

FIHOQ search engine for the restoration of river banks

This search engine allows site users to find the right plant for the restoration of river banks, according to the geographical location of the river bank.

An administrative module was also added so that the administrators could add, delete or modify the recommended plants.

Before the creation of this module, a list of recommended plants was available on the FIHOQ`s web site but the user had to manually search through the information made available to him.'s inventory control and online sales module

This module allows the user to classify the merchandise in stock according to the specific criteria on the hard drives (disks?) in order to recover their data. It also allows the user to sell certain pieces in inventory. This increases the company's productivity and adds more visibility to the web site because of the rarity of the pieces sold through this module. This module was tailored to meet specific needs in the area of parts management for data recovery.

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